Funky Pals

Funky Blanket Pal - Donkey
Funky Blanket Pal - Ladybird
Funky Blanket Pal - Lion - OUT OF STOCK
Funky Blanket Pal - Rabbit - OUT OF STOCK
Funky Travel Pal - Donkey
Funky Travel Pal - Ladybird
Funky Travel Pal - Lion
Funky Travel Pal - Rabbit

The Cozy Time Funky Pals range currently consists of our Funky Travel Pals and Funky Blanket Pals.

Each Cozy Time Funky Travel Pal turns easily from a cuddly toy into a neck cushion, whereas the Funky Blanket Pal turns from a pillow into a blanket, as demonstrated in the pictures. The Cozy Time Funky Pals are great value products that also make excellent Christmas and birthday gifts.